Education policy impacts the community at large and can leave lasting impacts for generations.  


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An Equitable Education


  • I will hold the DPS Board accountable for the monies spent so that we, as taxpayers, get the value we deserve in our neighborhood schools.
  • I will host more town hall meetings so you have more power and access to your school board.
  • I will ensure that we respect and understand our diverse student-body and their cultures.
  • I will ensure that we respect and become partners with our teachers and be a voice for their concerns.


  • DPS Board spends over $1 billion dollars of your money every year. Taxpayers and families deserve to get that return on their investment. We deserve to have the value of quality neighborhood schools.
  • Each year, the DPS Board is supposed to spend $25 million dollars on Pro-Comp to pay teachers to teach in challenging schools. Where is that money being spent?
  • During the last 10 years, Denver voters authorized over $1 billion dollars in bond money to build new schools.  Dozens of schools have been closed. Where are the new schools?
  • The DPS Board spend millions of dollars on administrative overhead. Let's cut the waste and transfer the money to the classroom where it belongs.
  • I will require an independent auditor to conduct an immediate financial audit of the Denver Public Schools to answer these and other important questions.

educator support

  • Teachers want a classroom size cap
    • This allows teachers to give more individual attention to different types of learners.
    • Also allows students feel heard and understood by their teacher. The need to connect 1x1 with their teacher is fulfilled.
  • Compensation & Healthcare Benefits
    • I will question the Pro-Comp plan to pay teachers and find out if it's benefitting any teacher in our district.
    • Teachers need to have different healthcare options. The school board should research and provide better options.
  • Diversity
    • Increase the number of teachers of color in our classrooms. In order for your child to feel heard and understood, they need to see a teacher that looks like them and knows about their culture.
    • Increase the diversity training provided to teachers.
    • Teachers raise thousands of dollars each year for textbooks, art supplies, and programs. We need to value our teachers by giving them the tools they need.


  • Less than 25% of ninth graders will graduate high school on time, fully ready to attend college.
  • Denver has the worst achievement gap of any major city in the United States.
  • ACT scores have only increased from 17.1% to 18.6% after 12 years and millions of dollars spent on corporate testing.
  • Less than 4 out of 10 3rd graders read at a proficient level.

Needed solutions to increase graduation rates!:

  • More mentoring, tutoring and Para-Professionals for at-risk youth.
  • Decrease the classroom size cap, this will improve student learning.
  • Spend more monies toward after-school programs to support the whole-child/whole-student and instill pride in our communities.
  • Less testing and more time spent on arts, music, and civic lessons. Provide more support on extra-curricular and after-school programming for students of all ages. 

parent involvement

Many families need both parents working full-time. It's difficult for parents/caregivers to be present at a school event.

  • The school board and Administration should make it easier for families to attend events by providing different day-time and evening time participation options.
  • Provide all communication in the family's language.

FREE pre-k/kindegarten!




  • Higher graduation rates – especially for kids of color. More mentoring, tutoring, and Teacher’s Assistants for at-risk youth.
  • Smaller class sizes. All education studies conclude that small class sizes improve individual attention.  Each student learns differently.    
  • Respect and support for teachers – they are partners – not the enemy. Be a voice for the teachers so their concerns are heard and respected. 
  • Less testing!
  • More arts, music, and civics lessons. 
  • Respect and empathy for diverse students and culture.