"Xochitl Gaytan is a proven community leader that can be counted on to lead the fight for excellence in education for all children regardless of their diversity and or socio-background. Sochi is one to roll up her sleeves and pragmatically get the job done."


councilwoman deborah "Debbie" ortega, denver city council district 13

REPRESENTATIVE JOseph SALAZAR, colorado house district 31, CANDIDATE for colorado attorney general



Representative jONATHAN SINGER, Colorado house district 11

"Xochitl "Sochi" Gaytan is a strong community leader in southwest Denver. As President of the Harvey Park Improvement Association, she listens to thousands of her neighbors about their concerns and goals. This skill will serve her well on the Denver School Board. Xochitl is also a proven business leader, proud DPS graduate and mother of two boys who attended DPS. What separates her and makes her an outstanding leader is her ability to bring together diverse stakeholders to find a solution."


Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA)

“Xochitl 'Sochi' Gaytan will fight to ensure Southwest Denver gets its fair share of new construction bond dollars that are currently being siphoned off to other areas.” - Henry Roman, President of the Denver Classroom Teachers Association

our denver our schools, nonprofit community organization


"Our Denver, Our Schools is proud to endorse Xochitl “Sochi” Gaytan in the Southwest Denver School Board race. Sochi knows importance of public schools. She and her husband Jaime are Abraham Lincoln graduates. Her older son graduated from a DPS high school. Her younger son is attending Sabin World School. Having herself attended four different elementary schools, Sochi knows how important strong, stable neighborhood schools are.

Sochi epitomizes community involvement, leadership and collaboration. She owns her own real estate business, she is president of the Harvey Park Improvement Association, and she has worked tirelessly with teachers, community members and families for equity within DPS schools.

As a school board member Sochi will work for strong, walkable neighborhood schools, more equitable supports and opportunities for students and teachers, financial and academic transparency, collaborative decision making. Sochi will work to stop school closures, stop the emphasis on high stakes testing and competition. Sochi Gaytan is exactly what the Denver Public School Board needs!"


CAUCUS of today's teachers

The Caucus of Today's Teachers are Denver teachers, social workers, psychologists, paraprofessionals, and other champions of public education.